About Us

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University has more than 100 years of history and tradition since it was established as the Department of Mining and Metallurgy, Kumamoto Technical College in 1906, which has produced more than 5,000 graduates. More than 60% of the graduates go on to the Master's Course in Graduate School.

About Laboratory and Research

The department’s faculty is devoted to the study of structural and functional materials with six full professors heading the following laboratory courses:

  • Eco-Processing
  • Material Physical Properties
  • Microstructure, Interface Control and Engineering
  • Advanced Materials Processing
  • Environmental Engineering Materials
  • Functional Materials Design

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Many areas of academic research are carried out, especially new research in the development of KUMADAI Magnesium Alloys, the use of poly-silicon for solar-cell batteries, the development of ceramic material for fuel-cells, the research and development of Micromachine/MEMS, carbon nano-tubes and The research of rare-metal recycling. These areas of research are gaining a lot of attention both domestically and internationally. Our prior areas of research such as making metal materials, breaking and fatigue of various metals and alloys, structural control, new metal processing, functional metals and corrosion engineering are doing so as well. Because of this active research progress, the Asahi Shimbun Publication’s "Ranking of Universities in JAPAN 2011" ranks Kumamoto University third in the Materials Science Field.

Research Images

[Left image]
Model of carbon nanotubes
[Center image]
KUMADAI Magnesium Alloys
[Right image]
The structure of micromirror device

Research projects

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is also developing several university-industry joint research projects as well as public offices in order to connect various different fields. The three main projects related to the department are:

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KUMADAI Magnesium Alloys Practical Use Project

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Research projects Images

The Minamata Environmental Master's Training Program

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Collaboration on the Development of Advanced Mg Alloys in East Asia

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Foreign students

We are carrying out our education and research collaborating with researchers in Japan and other countries based in those projects. Every year, there are three or four international students from Korea and Indonesia who came via IJEP (International Joint Education Program) to attend the Master's Course. Some international students, in an effort to further develop their studies also go on to the Doctoral Course.

Information on admission into our Graduate School

If you need information on admission of our graduate school, please visit its website.